We want to set up a cooperative which offers just, equitable, transparent and democratic solidarity and is owned by the members i.e. “One member, one vote”.


We are an elite team working together to:

  • offer competitive salaries and fringe benefits;
  • provide high quality customer services;
  • to work as a team in a respectful, enjoyable and humane environment;
  • to develop a relationship of trust with the members of the cooperative;
  • to share our good fortune with the community, charities and freeware projects on which we rely.



Belief that all should be treated equitably. This includes equality, non-discrimination and inclusion.


The cooperative has a long term vision. We monitor profits and spend wisely; we help and look after one another; we support the tools on which we depend; we encourage sharing between the client and the cooperative;


We communicate in an honest and authentic fashion. All information and processes which can be made available will be shared;


Establish an environment and a work atmosphere which will encourage members to work and have fun;


Be flexible, responsive and evolutionary, particularly with members of the cooperative.


In addition to answering to customers’ needs, we insure that software is well designed.


Practical tools help us respect our principles.

  • Transparency of the cooperative i.e. all information and processes which can be made available will be shared;
  • Choices of licences which can benefit the co-op. its members, its partners and society in general; free software and free licences will be favoured;
  • Sharing of surpluses with noble causes;
  • Not to try changing people but rather make maximum use their strength by skirting their weaknesses;
  • Prefer working with people who share our values.
  • Promote proven quality control practices, such as Test-Driven Development, formal code reviews and other “agile” techniques.

Inspired by «The Hacking Business Model» from Zak Greant and Michael Widenius.




CODE3 Coopérative de solidarité
360, Notre-Dame St W, suite 500
Montréal QC, H2Y 1T9
438 793-8858

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