We are a Montreal solidarity cooperative whose mission is to contribute to the growth and development of our clients through personalized services in information technology. Our multidisciplinary team is attentive to the client in order to be perfectly adapted to his needs. Establishing a climate of trust is a priority: the customer is above all a collaborator with whom we will journey and offer a professional service.

We have created a member-driven business that reflects our values ​​and where the workplace is respectful and humane. In a spirit of social solidarity and sustainable development, we participate in projects and noble causes where our special skills can benefit the community.

We are aiming for a fair, equitable, transparent and democratic solidarity cooperative which belongs to its members, that is to say, "One member, one vote".  Discover our philosophy.



CODE3 Coopérative de solidarité
360, Notre-Dame St W, suite 500
Montréal QC, H2Y 1T9
438 793-8858

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