There are many aspects to the governance of IT resources. CODE3 advisors can accompany you in a wide range of activities including:

  • Draft IT governance policies and procedures;
  • Implementation of IT governance procedures and controls;
  • Training of company personnel on security of information, best practices and general cyber-vigilance;
  • Inspection of physical facilities, systems and infrastructure with regards to security of information and good operating practices;
  • Establishing solutions for safeguarding confidential information.

CODE3 assists its clients subject to AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers) standards in achieving its governance and security objectives. Each organization has several governance needs, including:

  • Procedures related to the arrival and departure of an employee;
  • Procedures for the acquisition and disposal of computer hardware;
  • Creating and verifying backup copies of confidential or critical data and recovery tests;
  • Maintenance of an inventory of computer hardware, software and licenses
  • Maintenance of an inventory of user access profiles;
  • Secure and centralized management of access codes and passwords.