IT administration


CODE3 provides the functions of an IT department for small and medium-sized organizations that cannot hire a team of specialists on a permanent basis. The interventions of our technicians and advisers cover:

  • Upgrading the server, network and telephone infrastructure;
  • Restructuring of server rooms;
  • Renewal of the computer equipment;
  • Monitoring of network processes and components;
  • Special projects;
  • On-demand support for desktops, servers, and network infrastructure.

Business Benefits

Small and medium-sized enterprises have requirements for computer systems. However, these needs are not always sufficient to justify the presence of a full-time technician. Moreover, this employee must master a large number of different skills: computer security, networking, programming of systems, telephony, etc. The use of CODE3 services allows the company to benefit from the varied expertise of our members for a fraction of the cost of a permanent employee.

How do we proceed?

We assist the company in defining its needs and setting its priorities. Our project management, issue tracking and system documentation tools are fully available to the customer.

Our members are familiar with Mac, PC and Linux environments as well as virtualization systems (eg vmware). They are self-taught and can quickly become acclimatized to new environments.