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Cooperative development


CODE3 specializes in cooperative software development. Our solution of cooperative development rests in pooling the resources of several organizations and shared creation of a solution applicable to all. This is an innovative method which allows sharing monetary costs and the time of experts in the field, while producing a perfectly suitable solution.

Benefits for the business

Software solutions are usually of two types: off-the-shelf and made-to-measure. In the first case, the organization is left with software which was not designed to address its specific needs. Therefore, it must adapt its internal procedures to the software it purchased. In the case of made-to-measure software, the organization is subject to significant risks in term of time and money.

Cooperative development offers a third option which is particularly advantageous to organizations working in similar fields, but not competing one against the other. By developing in a cooperative mode, the organizations involved receive software adapted to their needs while paying a fraction of the costs. Organizations can keep control over their software: it is always possible to share the modifications made by a participant, or to add their specialized chapter to the software. This work method also offers the possibility of obtaining the input of experts in related organizations and the community surrounding the software in question.

How does it work?

In the context of producing cooperative applications, CODE3 acts as the conductor for the source code. However, each participating organization will also have a copy of the source code so that it keeps control over its own version of the software.

Software developed this way will preferably be registered as free license, according to the wish of the organizations involved. CODE3 usually distributes its software under GPLv3 license. CODE3 promotes and supports the development of free software.

Why free software? Because software that is not free is a bit like having a car and not being able to open the hood. It is impossible to change the software, to adapt it, even to repair it. Free software also offers better transparency, which allows easy auditing of the software functions and ensures its security and reliability.


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What our customers say

At long last, an information technology team resolutely leaning towards clients’ needs. CODE3 delivered on time and without any unforeseen costs a creative solution truly lashed up to our evolutionary operational needs. A resounding success which was later adapted to the needs of several other financial institutions. Even the post implementation service deserves 10/10.

René Langlois
Director General, FARPBQ



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